What skills you need for Disruptive Selection?

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What you have to do for Disruptive Selection. Recruiting a new member of staff is a time of great opportunity and risk for any Manager.

The opportunity is that you can bring in fresh talent and improve performance. Alternatively you can make the wrong choice and face all the cost and disruption caused by the decision. There was way of quadrupling your chance of selecting best person for the job, would you be interested? Of course you would and that’s what this article will do.

Typical Interview:

Typical Interview had a score of 0.15 (not good). This is probably because there was not much science in the way that the interview was put together.  Managers fell in to trap of taking candidates that answered questions about would do things in way that Manager liked. The problem here is that the candidate can come up with any answer about how they might do something. And who is to say that it’s the right candidate if the Manager happens to like the answer?

Structured Interviews: 

                                              Structured Interviews had a score of 0.35 so they were twice as good as a typical interview. These interviews are sometimes also known as competency based interviews. Here the manager works out what competencies are required for the job. These might include; delivery of results, team work, communication skills along with specific technical skills. There are lots of examples of competency sets if you look on the internet. In these interviews manager asks candidates to give examples of how they have demonstrated competence in their previous roles. For example ‘could you tell me about time when you had to deliver piece of work against a tight deadline? How did you set about it and what was the result?’ Here the Manager is getting actual evidence of how well competence was demonstrated in practice. This approach also has the benefit that format of interview has a structure.

Work Based Tasks:

Work Based Tasks scored 0.55 (very good) which is some 4 times better than normal interview at predicting strong performer. These are tasks that are representative of the job you want done. So an obvious example might be asking a potential Secretary to lays out and complete a report. This will show at a practical level if the person has the skills to do the job. In retail and hospitality business best candidates are often ask to come in and do a part or whole shift.

This allows Manager to see in practice things like; interpersonal skills, team skills, energy levels, ability to work with customers. The candidate doesn’t have to do the whole job they may just be ask to clear tables in a restaurant. Interact with the customers as they go around. It makes sense that this approach will weed out anyone who says they have skills that they don’t. It is possible to coach people to perform well at interview, but less easy to that for work based test.

Best Selection Method:

Based on what you have already read you can see that best approach is to combine competency based interview. Make sure in the interview you check their continuity of employment. Always carry out reference check.