Business Law 

How Reliant Funding is best for safe investment?

The ascent of managed Reliant Funding began few years ago. Investors were worn-out of losing money on the stock market, and looking into alternative investments. Millions jumped into the real estate market, on the back of soaring prices and cheap loans. But when the credit crisis happened, many people lost everything. But those wise enough to invest in reliant managed funds avoided all of this. Currencies performed very well as all other asset classes crashed. This is because there is little or no correlation between the fund market and the…

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Why it is important to use Proforma Invoice in business?

The answer to this question is really quite simple. A Proforma Invoice is sent to potential buyer of goods to avoid any confusion relating to real costs of goods. In other words, this preliminary invoice will, like a quotation detail the selling price. Any sales tax which will be add to the purchase price. In addition though, this invoice will also detail transport costs and delivery dates which could be honored. It should the customer agree to the transaction. This preliminary invoice does not mean that the customer is obligate…

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