Fixed deposit calculator – Calculate your maturity value and interest rates

Term deposits such as fixed deposits (FD) have pre-determined maturity value, interest rate and investment tenor. Unlike other investment instruments like mutual funds, FDs are unaffected by market fluctuations. Thus, the chances of a discrepancy between estimated returns and actual returns are zero. Estimated returns of a fixed deposit are guaranteed and can be calculated before hand. With the internet becoming a hub of most financial activities, financial institutions now offer online tools to assist you in using the finanical products and services to the best. Fixed deposit calculator is…

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Your Website and Marketing Strategy

Your internet site is the most important device you have for advertising your business, offerings or products. There, I stated it. And it’s true (obviously that’s the natural progression of information here!). But this shouldn’t come as a great deal of a shock and in reality you’ve regarded this to be the case if you’re not already a bona fide believer! Think about it – any time you choose to examine greater about a manufacturer or its products, what’s the first element you do? Pull up your search engine of preference (a whopping 92.3% of search share goes to Google btw) and begin typing. What you find (or don’t) often straight away shapes your perception of the agency or manufacturer you’re researching and weighs heavily on your decision-making. Does their website seem trustworthy? Are all of the important points you’re looking for accessible? Is the web page convenient to use and is…

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