An Invisalign Dentist Can Help Bring Back Your Smile

Invisalign braces are not your traditional wire invisalign clear aligners UAE that require constant tightening to keep a steady pressure on your teeth in order to create a better alignment. For starters these braces are not made out of metal, instead they are made out of a clear plastic and instead of being worn like traditional braces that stay on your mouth for a year or more to straighten your smile, they are worn for two weeks at a time and then switched out with a new custom made aligners to continue the pressure on your teeth as they realign themselves.

If you’re considering braces, you need to separate the facts from the myths to make a good decision. Myth number one is that Invisalign braces don’t work as well as metal braces to correct over bites, under bites, overcrowding and spacing. This is not true, they work just as well as metal braces do to create pressure and push your teeth into alignment. But unlike metal braces this job is accomplish without the discomfort and obvious use of braces.

Myth number two: only an Invisalign dentist can apply these braces. This is actually true, because your orthodontist has to undergo special training to accurately make them work effectively. According to Align technologies the training institution for dentist who want to become Invisalign dentist. There were over 20,000 dentists skill and train in the application of Invisalign invisalign clear aligners UAE in 2007.

Myth number three, it’s hard to find an Invisalign dentist. If you don’t live in a huge city where there are lots of options available. Again with over 20,000 dentist trained in this particular type of procedure. It’s very likely there is an Invisalign dentist in or near your area.

Myth number four is that these braces cost more than traditional braces making them out of reach for many people. This is not out of line with what metal braces cost. And insurance will often pay for both types of braces. Which can make them a viable option for just about anybody.

And finally myth number five is that these braces take longer than. Metal braces to align and correct your bite or straighten your teeth. This is not true either; the fact is both types of braces may need to be worn for up to two years depending on how severe your problem is. Your dentist will continue to fit you with aligners every two weeks until. The gentle pressure that is apply has correct the problem. If you want to find out if this is a good option for you. Schedule an appointment with your Invisalign dentist and find get the facts about what treatment options are best for you. Including your long-term goals and cost. Most patients, who have the option of Invisalign braces versus metal braces, choose the Invisalign braces. Because they are more comfortable and just as effective as metal invisalign clear aligners UAE.