10 Crafts You Can Make with a Big Cardboard Boxes

The primal use of cardboard boxes is for the packaging of goods by the companies and organizations to be shipped around the world for the safety of the products that are inside. Using shelf material in the cardboard like bubble wraps is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of the inner product. These boxes are created by sheets of corrugated paper which helps them to be robust and sturdy. If you own a business and you are in search of cardboard boxes wholesale, there are several online vendors who deal in these packaging.

If you do not own a business or any service and you are looking for cheap cardboard boxes, you can always go to your nearby store and ask them if they have any. They never need it and the after use of this type of boxing are many and that is the only reason for these boxes to be famous and important.

There are many uses of these cardboard boxes, this section is going to cover the 10 most known crafts that can be made out by the use of cardboards.

Most of the crafts using cardboard are for kids, some of them are as follows:

1.      The drive in carts for movie

The children always love to play along with the things that are not common. Using these cardboard boxes and a home set of television will give your kids the best drive in cars for their movie theatre. By cutting the top flaps of cardboard and by painting wheels, headlights, tail lights and the doors you can make sure that your kids get a cart worth sitting in. Using pillows and cushions inside will act as a seat and you have the perfect drive in carts.

2.      Airplanes

The kids always love something that is outstanding. Creating airplanes out of these containers is easy too. All you need to do is cut the flaps from the top, modify them into wings and paste them on both of the sides. Make a tail using your innovation and a fan to attach on the back and to the front, respectively.

All you need now is some paint and your kid is ready to take the first flight.

3.      An elevator

Although there is no way that it goes up and down using the rails like an actual elevator, but it plays its part for fun. Find the biggest cardboard box and use duct tape to make it strong. Take a piece of box and paste it with the “up and down” signs outside the box. Make sure the box has only one side open which can be cover once in it. Make more buttons to be pasted inside the lift like an actual one and let your kids play along it, acting like they are in a real one.

4.      A garage for cars

Children love to play with cars, and they also need some place safe to store them. Making them a garage is a promising way to let them play with their cars and park them in right ways in this cardboard garage. Use two to three mini boxes to make double story parking garage with a slide for the cars to go up and down too. Paint the roads and the parking spots according to the cars and your kids will have a perfect hideout for their cars.

5.      A camper

Using large boxes of cardboard and attaching them all together will give you a perfect caravan for your kid. Painting and modifying it according to the style that your kid loves will also give a great outlook to the room. Moreover, this camper can prove to be the perfect hideout for you kid inside the home.

6.      Playhouse

Get your kids help while making these playhouses. Making several of them will let your kids and their friends play along them imagining it is their own special city. Moreover, these play houses can be a safe haven for several of your kids toys and belongings.

There are many uses of these boxes that are not related with the kids, some of them are as follows:

7.      Eco friendly trash cans

It is common for these boxes to be modified into trash cans, but modifying them and creating awareness at the same time is something new. The use of artistic painting which shows the eco-friendly nature can support your cause for the awareness and it also helps to put the trash away. You can even order custom cardboard boxes with printings of “save the environment”

8.      The trunk organizer for cars

Placing a medium sized box in the trunk of your car can help you put things like, oil, car washer, jumper cables, car creams and other items that you can need in times of emergency. These boxes can prove to be of great help in making sure that all these items are stored in one place.

9.      Personal laundry basket

Avoid the use of actual laundry baskets which are made out of plastic or any other material, save money by using a cardboard box instead. It is free of cost and it works the same way, you can put in your dirty laundry and toss it over whenever you want them washed.

10.  Pet home

If you are a cat lover and you want your cat to love its new home, get a cardboard box and fill it with soft toys for your cat to play with. You can even right the name of your cat or even dog on the box to make it look more attractive. Placing these boxes inside the home or in the lawn will make sure that they are use to the most of their abilities.

There are several other ways of using these boxes like oil spill mats, food storages, pinhole cameras, table base, pet bed, etc.