What do you mean by capital stock in business?

Get to know about Capital Stock and how it is use? A person acquires ownership in a corporation by purchasing some of its stock certificates. For example, if Unique Beach Towel Corporation has sold 100 shares of stock to various persons. Bed Linens Company has acquired 40 of these shares. Bed Linens Company has 40% ownership of Unique Beach Towel Corporation. When a corporation has accumulated a certain amount of profits funds are divided. It`s directors may choose to take some of funds generated by profits and to divide them…

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Business Law 

Adverse impact on hiring of employees for job

Adverse impact is very much in use when hiring employee for job. Migration is permanent or semi-permanent change of residence. It is a controversial issue in the developed nations of the world. Emigrant and the host country are two parties involved in the process of immigration. The tendency of economic, social and cultural outcomes decides the end result of immigration process. It can be fruitful or harmful for both of the parties in certain conditions. Emigrant suffers due to difference in cultural background. Culture is not a static entity that…

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