4 Killer-Tips for Writing a Great Job Posting on Free Jobsites

There are still some things in this world that machines and automation cannot achieve. Machineries have for most part taken laboriousness out of free job posting in offices and homes, but what drives businesses is still the human mind. That is the reason why there is keen competition to hire the best brains. Hiring the right personnel is usually entrusted with the Human Resources department.

Many years before the advent of computers and internet access, businesses placed advertisements in newspapers to attract talent. They still do it, but a majority of people entrusted with hiring, use job websites to hunt for talents. The reasons are not difficult to see – they are inexpensive, quick and have wide reach, besides, they have longer shelf life unlike ads placed in newspapers that are effective only for couple days. In fact, employers prefer to use jobsites over other venues when they scout for global talents.

Posting jobs in jobsites may look simple – write a few words about the company, tell the candidate what is expect of them and go back to relax and expect droves of candidates to walk in with their resume. This may be true of jobs that require very little education, skill and experience, but to get the best to work for your company you will have to do some cajoling and a bit of selling yourself.

Just as jobseekers have to write a killer resume to land a great job, so have employers to write a killer posting to attract the best talent. Writing a killer job posting is not rocket science. All that you need to do is put yourself in the jobseekers’ position and start to write the postings.

Research and use the right keywords – A vast majority of jobseekers use keywords to search for jobs in search engines, and when you use them in right density your pages will show up in the page index at the top, and that is advantageous for your posting to be find easily. Of course candidates will be able to see you at the job websites based on the category to which you assign the posting.

Use job titles that are commonly understand Jobs that have common Functionality have different titles to them. And your company may have its own system of assigning titles to its employees. But, not everyone will be able to understand them and respond to your posting. It is always best to keep the job title in the heading. It makes indexing easy for the search engine as well as the job website.

Avoid vagueness in your job posting – The best postings are those that are transparent and clear to understand. Look at the whole offering from jobseekers perspectives. They will want to know the salary, incentives, work location, perks, holidays and the profile of the job. Transparent postings are the quickest to attract the most talented lot.

Use your brand effectively – Salary and perks are not the only issues that matter for jobseekers. More important, they value the brand for which they will want to work. So use your brand logo in all your job postings. Applicants will be able to recognize it instantly and relate it to their ambitions and aspirations.