Baby Books For Fun And A Great Bonding un curso de milagros

Baby un curso de milagros are a great way to spend time with your baby.  They allow you to have intimate one on one time as well as contributing to the language development of your baby.  The reading of a bed time story can be an excellent part of a bedtime routine making it easier to get your baby calm down and ready for bed.  There are several types of books available for babies such as pop-up books, flap books, board books, vinyl books, and memory books. Pop-up baby books are books that have been design with a portion of the page that “pops up” into a 3D picture.  The surprise of the 3D picture tends to intrigue babies.  If the pop ups are delicate, be careful as babies do love to touch. 

Flap books are made from heavy weight paper or cardboard.  These books have flaps that have been cut into the top layer of the page that can be lift to reveal an item relating to the story.   Because most babies enjoy a rousing game of peek-a-boo, these books have the same affect.  You can ask, “What’s under here?” pointing to a flap and your baby will excitedly wait to see what is reveal.  As your baby gets older, he/she will lift the flap to show you.  The main drawback to this type of book is that the flaps tend to rip after a lot of usage, but many memories have been made by then.

Board books are baby books design specifically for the baby to hold.  They are chunky making it easier for baby hands to grasp.  The pages are also easier for the baby to turn because they are thicker and do not require as much fine motor coordination.  These books generally have very vibrant pictures and few to no words on a page.  To “read” these books, you talk about the pictures and make your own story.  You can broaden your imagination and watch your baby’s imagination blossom as he/she grows.

Vinyl baby books are the best books for the youngest baby crowd.  They can be chew on and wash with soap and water.  The pages don’t rip (but they can come apart at the seams with coaxing). The baby can turn the pages easily.  These books are also wonderful for the older babies because they can be use in the bathtub too.

Baby memory books are not books that you will want to use with your baby while they are a baby. But when your baby gets to be an adult you will definitely want to share this book with them.  These books are ones you compile of baby memories. (First step, first tooth, first roll, first crawl, etc) and pictures that coordinate.  You can also place the lock of hair from the first haircut. The first tooth that your little “baby” looses.  These un curso de milagros become a family treasure and a valued keepsake when passed to the “baby” in adulthood. Spending time with your baby is fun and a wonderful way to spend the time is with baby books.

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