Becoming A Freemason Wilmette Has Its Own Share Of Responsibilities

Becoming a freemason Wilmette is just like becoming a member of any organization. There are benefits to experience but along with those benefits are responsibilities that a freemason also needs to accomplish and perform.

There are Wilmette Lodge responsibilities imposed upon a new mason upon entering the brotherhood. As the mason progresses in acquiring different degrees, new duties are added upon his shoulders. As he performs those duties, he is able to attain and live a commendable life.

The first duties will serve as his foundations as a freemason. There are three main duties that a freemason must accomplish

Duty To God

Masonry is not necessarily a religion; its members are required to be religious, which means he must believe in God. He needs to be respectful and to always revere God. In every admirable job that he needs to do, he must implore the help of the Creator. He must always look up to God as the head of all good. Everything in this brotherhood refers to God; implies about Him, speaks, leads and points to Him.

Anyone who wants to be a Mason must first kneel down and confess of his trust and faith in God. His duty involves believing in the power of prayers. Prayer will unlock the bountiful blessings of the creator.

Duty To Neighbor

A mason must love and must respect anyone, regardless of his/her religion, belief or race. He must be fair to anyone and he must not do to any person what he does not want to be done to him. If you do not want others to harm you, then do not cause them harm. If you want others to be kind to you, then show them your kindness. When you are a mason, never think that you will only serve or respect your fellow mason. You must learn to share your goodness with anyone and everyone. It is your responsibility to extend whatever help you can without choosing who you should give your help to. As part of the society, it is expected of you as a Mason to be a helpful part of the society address: 1450 N. Lehigh Glenview, IL 60026-2027.