Buy Website Traffic That Converts And Makes You Money

When it comes to buy website traffic there are a number of important things you have to keep in mind. The fact that you are buying traffic means that you either want expose or you ant to make sales. Lets ignore the issue of advertising for exposure and branding for a second and focus on buying advertising for the purpose of making sales.

The most important focus is return on investment (ROI). If you buy traffic you want it to convert into money – preferably more than it costs you. If you buy $20 worth of traffic and you can make $40 worth of sales then that’s a 100% ROI. Buying web traffic is all about the ROI and if you have a website that is converting then more traffic will mean more sales and more money in your pocket.

Not all traffic is the same though. Traffic varies in quality and one of the main things that determines quality is how targeted the traffic is. Search traffic usually converts very well because it’s so targeted. You can really pull down your potential customers by pinpointing exact keywords. This comes at a price though and ads with Google AdWords has become quite expensive. However, if the ROI makes sense then it makes sense to buy that traffic.

While targeted traffic is important, the next most important aspect of conversion is your landing page. You need to dig into the psychology of your visitors and design your landing page accordingly. The landing page alone can make as much as a 80% difference in your conversion rate. It’s also very important that you keep split testing different elements as the smallest changes on a landing page can make a big difference in your conversion and your ultimate profit or loss.