Car hire: 10 simple tips Rental Car

Whether you are looking for a corporate car rental, or for a wedding or any special occasion, there are – from case to case – numerous advantages when considering whether or not to rent a car for your travels. There are also many doubts related to this choice: where should I rent? Is it good to choose additional insurance? Which means makes sense to choose?

For this reason, I want to share with you 10 tips to remember when you find yourself having to rent a vehicle.

1. Offers online

It is not a mystery, now for any service it is worthwhile to take a look online. There are discounts, coupons, offers related to newsletter subscription and so on. Not to mention the price comparators, which at a glance enable you to quickly understand what to do? The simplest advice, therefore, is to surf the web a bit by comparing prices in the various comparators like Rentalcars, Expedia, Rent A Car Doha and directly on the websites of the rental companies.

2. You don’t just look at the price, online

Just like with the purchase of flights, it is good to pay attention to the various commissions, heavy taxes, miscellaneous fees and accompanying services – sometimes mandatory – at the time of purchase. It is worthwhile to do some proof of purchase to see which is really the lowest price online.

3. Small car rentals or … better known brands?

The small car rental always seems the best choice for those who only evaluate the price, even if in reality there are low prices and opportunities even in the most famous car rental brands. My advice, which must be weighed according to your needs, is: for short, local trips, you can also rely on small car rentals; for long journeys, with itinerary still to be precisely defined, better the big car rentals (you will easily find the various Europcar, Rent A Car Doha, Hertz and company also in other cities and at the Airport). Obviously this is a subjective advice, which varies according to the situations.

4. Rent the car at the airport?

Hiring a vehicle at the airport can lead to surcharges, due to higher fares (it is not always said, however). If you have the opportunity to travel by public transport and you are not particularly in a hurry, you could evaluate the rates offered by car rentals in small city centers next to the Airport areas. Obviously, only if the savings are sufficient to motivate the move (ask for quotes before leaving!). At the same time, pay attention to the fact that by booking online, you might find price cuts: at that point, it doesn’t matter where you book.

5. Search online at different times

On the Net you can find different prices on the same vehicle: the price fluctuation depends on the automatic discount dynamics applied by the various sites. They can vary depending on availability, the time you do the research and the advance with which you move to find your vehicle. Try it out; savings are just around the corner!

6. Take some pictures of the rental car

To avoid discussions during delivery, it never hurts to photograph your vehicle from any angle. A smartphone is enough to easily demonstrate – in the event of litigation – any beatings and signs that may have escaped the past damage analysis sheet that will deliver you when you pick up the machine.

7. What kind of machine should you choose? And when to choose it …

Obviously it depends on whether you want comfort or savings; if you are in a hurry or not; if you need a large trunk and how long your journey takes. For day rentals, it’s not worth going to the slim; the issue is different when it comes to rentals for several days or to reach inaccessible areas. There is no shortage of economic and “comfortable” solutions (7 and 9-seater vans can be found without problems ) but in the end the choice must be considered, we must find the right compromise between comfort and costs.

8. Automatic transmission via manual transmission

If you are used to automatic transmission, perhaps better to avoid the manual that always requires a minimum of habit. But if you already know that you will spend several hours in traffic, why not consider an automatic transmission: the driving experience will certainly be more relaxing!

9. Reading the contract

It is always wise to read the contract carefully, to avoid encountering clauses that do not please you. You lose a few more minutes, but at least you know for sure what you are signing.
Even at the insurance level, it is better to be certain what is “covered” by the insurance included in the rental of the vehicle and what is not. Make a transfer also with your bank / credit card, as some cards offer additional insurance in case of car rental.

10. And the navigator?

If you want to save money, take it from home or simply use your smartphone. In general, better to be organized: vice versa, any extra accessory you request will be charged.