Condo Management – What Do You Need to Do To?

Condominium or condo management is a specialized form of property management. Condo management companies are hired by property owners, investors. Or condo associations for repairs or maintenance to the common areas of a condominium complex. Such as hallways, lobbies, pools, spas, and conference areas. Condos can also be managed by real estate brokers and agents who are paid a commission by the property owner to keep track of needed repairs and maintenance:

Condo Management as an Investor or Property Owner

There are some things that a property owner or investor should consider when managing property. First and foremost, property management involves having people skills in order to deal with problems in a resourceful and tactful manner.

o Condo management as an individual property owner means knowing. When a property needs repair and doing those repairs on a timely basis. Having a maintenance schedule is important.

o Having a financial background is helpful. Part of managing condos involves collecting rents, paying for repairs, and keeping track of profit and loss.

o Knowing the condo association’s by-laws is important if you are managing the property. By-laws outline how repairs are make and paid for. They also serve as a guideline to know which areas are the common areas and which areas the individual condo owners or renters are responsible for.

o A real estate license is helpful, though not required. Having a background in real estate law can be helpful in situations that may come up involving condo ownership.

Being a Member of a Condo Management Company

As a member of a condo management company. The customer (usually the association of a condo complex) relies on you for many things. There are ways you can ease the burden of managing a condo complex.

  • Be sure you are not managing too many properties at once – the condo management company you work for should limit your case load so that you can service the clients you have properly.
  • Make sure your firm offers classes to keep you up to date on regulations and rules for property management in your state.
  • A financial and administrative background is helpful in order to properly report profit and loss to the company you work for. Experience with structural damages and electrical problems is helpful so that you can call an expert to do repairs. 

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