Download the Latest update of QuickBooks payroll tax table

Here, we can learn about how to download QuickBooks payroll tax tables. Get the latest payroll tax table in QuickBooks updated desktop. This paragraph helps you to download, to verify the payroll tax table with some easy steps. Give knowledge about the latest version of payroll and how you can check which version of payroll in use at present. Update payroll tax table, important an active tax table subscription. Every time you should update your tax table to pay your employees.

What are payroll tax tables

QuickBooks payroll tax table is used for managing the appropriate payroll taxes which are canceled from a worker’s paycheck. It is a chart that describes different columns to figure out the suitable taxes from the worker’s paycheck. some factors which affect payroll taxes i.e wage entirety, the worker is married or unmarried,the specialist worker paid weekly or monthly. Here, detailed information you can get about QuickBooks payroll support tax tables.

 The process to download the QuickBooks payroll tax tables.

  • First, you must be the user of the payroll tax table.
  • Find QuickBooks update and click on the employee’s option and then click on Get payroll
  • Update option.
  • Select download entire payroll updates.
  • Click on the update button.
  • QuickBooks payroll tax table update successfully message received then you have to click ok.

How to install the payroll tax table update from a CD.

  • Insert payroll update CD into your system.
  • Then click on Get payroll updates.
  • Choose the employee’s option, click on Get payroll update option.
  • Install the Payroll Update window, to locate the update.dat and data file responds to the prompts.
  • On the install payroll window, choose the CD drive from the drop-down arrow.
  • Select data or update.dat from the payroll update CD and then click open.
  • Further, the need to select update.dat or update3.dat from payroll update CD.
  • Tap Open.
  • Payroll update successfully goes to payroll update window then click on ok.


Note that: If you do not get a message “File not found” check CD drive.


  1. First, you close the payroll update window and then select the windows start option and then select the computer or my PC.
  2. Then right-click on CD drive and choose, if you cannot see the files on the first desktop, move to another desktop to test CD. If you see the file on the second desktop, then hardware problem with the CD drive from the first desktop.

How to download the latest payroll tax table in QuickBooks desktop

  1. First, go to QuickBooks desktop, then click on employee’s options and click payroll updates.
  2. Put a checkmark on download entire updates, then choose download latest updates. A confirmation message received after the download is complete.

Note: To use the latest versions of payroll tax table set automatically, turn on automatic updates in QuickBooks. Also, visit update QuickBooks desktop for more information.

Verify QuickBooks Payroll tax tables

Verify payroll tax tables that you are installing the payroll at right place and the payroll tax table versions in the right location and the fields are right.

  • Get a confirmation message window that verifies your installation for QuickBooks payroll tax tables at right place.
  • If an update is finished a pop-up message received like A new tax table has been installed on your desktop.
  • Tap ok, to read about the modification.

Latest versions of payroll  tax tables

  • Update:  payroll tax table July 2018.
  • Release date: 28 June 2018.
  • Current version: 108

How to check which version you use

1.QuickBooks desktop, Go to employees option then choose payroll services then payroll tax

Tax table information where you have to see which version you use.

  1. Three numbers are shown in your payroll tax table version.

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