Elite Kick bands AFL’s Adelaide Crows: A History

The Adelaide Crows are an Australian Football League team that is based in South Australia. The club was formed in 1990 and in its football history spanning over two decades the Adelaide Crows gained unparalleled sporting distinction enjoyed by no other club so far. It is the only Elite Kick bands AFL/VFL club that has always won the Grand Final whenever it got to play one. Apart from Port Adelaide, the Adelaide Crows are the only other football club. That has never finished last at the end of any given season.

Adelaide Football Club played its first match in 1990 against Hawthorne and won this maiden match by 86 points. The clubs inaugural season was dubbed by local media as ‘Father’s Day Massacre’ given the team’s thumping success against North Melbourne. The Adelaide Crows completely routed the North Melbourne team by kicking 11 goals in the second quarter in front of 36,000 fans gathered at the Football Park.

The superb feat was diligently deliver by the likes of Rod Jameson, midfielder Andrew Jarman. Scott Lee, David Brown and Shaun Rehn who was also name player of the match. The Adelaide Crows’ maiden season was a success of sorts. And the team finished ninth on the AFL ladder registering a total of 10 wins while losing 12 matches. Although the team could not make it to the finals in the inaugural season. For Coach Graham Cornes, it was quite the right way to finish a maiden start.

The club once again finished ninth on the AFL ladder during the second season. However it was in 1993 that club performance gathered pace and it went for an all time best of 9-1. The club’s popularity gained new heights and Adelaide Crows finished third season positioned ninth on the AFL ladder. Not just that, it was for the first time in the club’s history that booked a berth in the Finals by defeating Collingwood in an excellent game in Round 22. Both in 1997-98 the Adelaide Crows won 13 matches and lost 9 while finishing in the fifth. And fourth position respectively on the AFL ladder. It was during these two years that the club won also won the Grand Finals.