Finding the Right ایران چارتر for Your Sailing Vacation

Once you have made up your mind that a bareboat sailing charter to the Caribbean is the perfect way to experience a paradise vacation, you still have several decisions to make. For instance, where in the Caribbean do you want to go; what cabin layout do you prefer. What size sailing vessel will you need and do you want a monohull charter or a catamaran charter? A good ایران چارتر yacht broker can assist you in choosing which sailing vessel best suits you based on the number of people in your party. You budget, your sailing skills and your desired level of comfort. Which type of charter is best?

The answer is that there simply is no such thing as the best boat. The range of available monohull and catamaran charter boats can be mind-boggling. Selecting the right one for you means finding the sailing vessel that can best serve your needs. Here are some tips to keep in mind and point you in the right direction in order to find the optimal monohull or catamaran charter boat for you.

Location: Unless you have unlimited time, most sailing charters last somewhere between one and two weeks. Therefore, you have to select a destination in the Caribbean. Whether you want an easy island-hopping vacation; long offshore open water passages or something in between. Where you intend to cruise may have a strong impact on what sailing vessel you select.

The US and British Virgin Islands are confined in a 60 square mile area at the northeastern corner of the Caribbean. The British Virgin Islands are one of the most compactly perfect cruising areas. And thus have become the world capital for bareboat chartering. The weather varies little year round in the Virgin Islands, with brisk trade winds mostly from the east. Much of the sailing area is protected, though the stronger winter breezes can kick up a good sea in the more open stretches of the Sir Frances Drake Channel (the main waterway at the heart of the British Virgin Islands). A good anchorage is never more than an hour away from any spot in the area.

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