How An 庇护律师 Can Help You Prepare For Your Asylum Case

If you enter the United States and you plan to seek asylum you will have up to one year to start the asylum process. You need to only seek asylum if you have a real fear of returning to your homeland, if you face being persecuted for your beliefs, race or party affiliations with in politics. When you apply for asylum it can be a long drawn out process full of trials and tribulations. When you have an 庇护律师 they will take care of all the hard work and any issues that may delay your case. An asylum lawyer can help you with all of the technical red tape. Here are a few ways that your Asylum Lawyer will facilitate your claim.

Your immigration lawyer will help you fill out the Form I-589, they will also help you put together a detailed affidavit. You will need to put together any documentation that you may have that will back up any claims that you made on the affidavit your immigration lawyer will help you. If you have any newspaper articles that pertain to an arrest or a beating that you have endured because of things that you cannot change.

You may also include copies of medical records that pertain to any harm that has been inflicted. If you have no personal documents that show the grievances that you have suffered your immigration lawyer can help you get other types of proof. As soon as these documents have been sent to the USCIS offices you will get an interview at the local USCIS office. Your immigration lawyer will help you get ready for an interview; your immigration lawyer will also go to the appointment with you.

If your claim is denied you will be sent to immigration court, where you will be able to present your case with your Asylum Lawyer at hand. At this point you will resubmit any previous proof or documents that back up your claim to need asylum. You will attend court proceedings with an immigration judge. Your Asylum Lawyer and the U.S government will ask you questions about your case.

If you lose your asylum case your Asylum Lawyer can appeal your case all the way to the Supreme Court if needed. If your application is approved you will then need to apply for permanent residency after one year. If you have a family you will be able to include your children that are not married and under 21 years of age, you may include your spouse as well.