How to Increase Safety on the Road with Higher Visibility with Helmets and Screens

Motorcycle helmets are one of the main active safety elements and, in the event of an accident, it can undoubtedly save our lives. However, not all helmets are the same nor will they offer you the same protection.

Today, we are going to tell you how to ensure that your helmet provides high visibility, in other words, that it has the best conditions to see and be seen, something essential in any road and circumstance.

2D and 3D displays to improve vision

As in the car and almost as in life, the more field of vision you control, the better (and with greater security) you will move. A 3D screen runs through the curvature of the outer shell which improves aerodynamics and the front and side viewing angle.

For its part, 2D screens are flat and are used to use Tear-Off, disposable transparent sheets that stick to the outside of the screen and whose objective is to collect all the dirt and insects. 

When the pilot sees fit, he pulls the tear-off and discards the sheet, regaining a clear and sharp vision. This operation is done on the fly with a simple gesture. It is use especially on the track and in competition. They are normally install in packs of 10.

Integrated sun visor to avoid glare

One of the biggest enemies for the biker is glare. Many riders do not know how to react to those sun hits that can blind you and end up having an accident. To avoid this, some riders wear sunglasses with the helmet in the days when the star king hits a lot. Nothing to object, except that if you do not take them off in time and it gets dark with them on. You will see quite little and you will have to stop.

Fortunately, manufacturers are increasingly introducing sun visors into the helmet itself. They work like retractable sunglasses that unfold or fold over the inside of the helmet at the push of a button.

Another thing that you should keep in mind when looking at the screen is that, like sunglasses. It has anti UV treatment to protect your eyes. Take into account this advice from the General Directorate of Traffic to choose a model that really fulfills its function. “The recommended thing is sunglasses that have an absorption of ultraviolet rays between 80 and 90%. Glasses with solar filter 3, and an absorption of 82 to 91%, are ideal for sunny summer days or high mountain areas or for the beach”.

Smoked screens for daytime use

There is quite a controversy with this issue,. But our recommendation is that you reserve the smoked screens for the day. 

If you have doubts, look at the product specifications and you will see that. Although it is approve, it will tell you that it is indicated only for day use. 

To know that it is approve you must see the engrave symbol.

Actually, a smoke screen is design to protect you from sunlight without reducing your visibility. But it is not like a transparent screen. If, let’s imagine, you have a helmet without an integrated sun visor and you choose to place a smoked screen. It will be perfect in normal conditions or even extraordinary light if you have chosen a smoked screen with a high percentage of darkness. But you may have visibility problems in tunnels, at dusk, at dawn, etc.

For your information, all helmets must have an approved transparent screen to be able to sell them in Europe. In some cases, they bring two screens, one smoke and one transparent, but the transparent one is always mount. Smoked is add as an option and the user must decide whether to mount it or not.
Besides, motorcycle intercom systems are another useful tool to bring safety to the next level. These provide GPS, calls, inter communication, music, and more while riding in the safest possible way. Nowadays, the market is full of different types of intercom systems with various options and quality, at any price. Yet, remember to consider your needs before choosing one.