Meet Coach Peter Lotterhos: Empowering Cultural Dynamics

Interview and a Glimpse about Peter Lotterhos

My name is Peter Lotterhos aka Coach Pete, I am inspired by breakthrough; the choice people make to transcend limiting behavior and achieve extraordinary results. However, as we experience ourselves in the new millennium and our world evolves, our society is constantly reaching out in new directions, searching for new ways of thinking and sources for progression and growth. Ironically, we continue to neglect one abundant resource, one unexplored frontier that has the capacity to alter everything in its path. The individual!

Today, within the realm of socially conscious thinking, two powerful extremes have emerged. One end of the spectrum is represented by large segments of the population who are choosing self-realization and self-fulfillment, highlighted by an ongoing integration of eastern beliefs into western society.  Yoga, meditation, and healing arts such as acupressure and acupuncture have risen in popularity and have begun to be considered for insurance reimbursement.  The integration of these practices in our society has had a positive effect on our consciousness giving way to philosophies and ideas that support internal spiritual growth.


The other end of the spectrum is represented by an opposing consciousness, which is expressed by a lost connection to our innate ability to love.  Open the paper on any given day and you can see our children depicted as mass murderers without conscience and women, the symbols of love and nurturing, as brutal boxers and viscous killers.  In addition, entertainment in many cases has created a path toward death and destruction. Media not only supports, but also programs, such abusive lifestyles as drugs in the underground club scene, casual sex (which now kills) and an assorted menu of violence.  We, as a society, have come to accept this destabilization of conventional social values and will, in turn, bequeath this decadent way of thinking to future generations. In the future, we can only expect glorification of these abnormal social norms by the media.  As long as they continue to profit from rebellious sub-cultures, the fruits of their work will only limit our ability to effectively maintain a healthy level of consciousness.


Coach Peter Lotterhos, tell us about your Goal: Bottom Line


My goal is to teach organizations, communities, families and teams the 5 Principles of Coaching in Management; a process that builds an environment that empowers an innate connection between the mind, body, and achievement.  By using introspective tools to help pin-point and transform hidden agendas an environment is born that empowers participants to unlock their inner potential. Empowering the individual to take responsibility for themselves and to move through blocks that have inhibited personal power, the person will expand his or her personal power to create their lives. As a result of this curriculum, a person can consciously come to the realization that he/she has the power to manifest their own intent and can, for example, develop mind and body that is vibrantly healthy and a passion to strive for excellence.

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