My Puppy Won’t Use His Pee Pads

The concept of pee pads are simple enough, they are the spot that your puppy is train to go potty. Many of the popular pads even come with a special scent that is supposed to attract your puppy and make him want to pee on them. The problem is, he doesn’t.

If your puppy seems to pick a new place to pee every day, don’t worry you’re not alone. For some puppies the attraction to the pee pads are immediate and for others they don’t get the concept. The trick is getting your puppy to attracted to the pads instead of your carpet.

Puppies are very impressionable. They have no idea about the differences between right and wrong, let alone what you want them to do. The best secret to overcoming that confusion is to setup a routine for your puppy. The trick is to make the the routine consistent with what you want him to do.

If you want your puppy to always use the pee pads, they should be the center of your training routine. Get your puppy in the habit of always going to the pee pad spot when he has to go potty. Also, you want to keep the pads in the same place in the house so he becomes familiar with them.

Now you’re not going to know the exact time when your puppy needs to pee. Your routine should take that into account. You should setup your routine for regular timed stops to the pad and after every meal or drink of water. This is especially true for play times. Immediately after play time is when most puppies will need to pee. Remember they have very small bladders at this age so they need to pee often.