How GST applies on footwear industry

Footwear is one of the essential commodities of an average person. As a part of fashion industry footwear is an essential component of the apparel. The government has indeed provided numerous reliefs to the traders of footwear having GST registration. Recently, the GST tax rate on goods under HSN 64 has been revised according to GST council meet that was held on 21st July, 2018. The detail of limited GST rate on Footwear costing up to INR 1000 for each pair is discussed in this article. Reference to the 28th…

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Important things to know about Automobile Industry

Car is something that raises the status symbol in a person’s life. If, for a common man, the 3 necessities are food, raiment & shelter, then for a rich man, those 3 necessities are a palatial house,   a substantial bank balance and a chic motorcar. Now, if you are eager to buy yourself a vehicle, the most important thing is the cost consideration. Sometimes, people go on as per their budget estimates but land up facing huge costs. Just ever thought, why does this happen? It’s just because there is…

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