Online Scams – Refund Advice For Scam Victims Report Scam

Due to the fact that online Report Scam are, by their very nature, out to deprive you of your money, getting a refund is practically impossible. As more and more people are turning to the Internet to earn extra money or replace the money from their jobs, the online scammers are making a fortune by preying on the hopes and inexperience of these hopeful, new, home business owners. Unfortunately, the normal refund advice doesn’t work when you’re a victim of a scam. With any legitimate business, the companies usually have…

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Latest Scams Black Homeowners Should Watch Out For

Just like death and taxes homeowner Report Scam, rip-offs and cons are a fact of life. The good part about the scams, if there’s any good part, is most of them never change, they just dress in different clothes. But to the uninformed they’re still effective at separating you from your hard-earned money and if you’re not careful your entire home. Of course one of the favorite targets of con artists, shady businesses and even questionable lenders are African American homeowners. African American homeowners continue to be the least informed…

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