Teaching English to Young Children – Tips for Success

If you would like your child to master آموزش آنلاین زبان انگلیسی as a second language (ESL), don’t wait until he starts learning English at school. From a very early age you can lay the foundations which will ensure that English as a second language will come naturally and easily to your child. 

You needn’t worry that introducing English will have a negative affect on your child’s native language ability: research studies have clearly shown that learning a second language does not interfere with the first!  In fact there is overwhelming evidence that introducing a second language improves childrens’ all round cognitive ability and overall performance.  For a fuller discussion of this point, and references to research studies, see the full article: Teaching English to Young Children.

If your mother tongue is not English, speaking to your child in English may not be a good idea as it is likely to feel forced and unnatural.  Here is a list of practical steps you can take to help your young English learner to excel.  These strategies can be used for introducing any language, but this article focuses on English.  The author used these methods for teaching her children French, with great success. 

From birth, play songs in English to your ESL baby.  Bedtime and whilst travelling in the car are good opportunities.  Choose songs with repetitive and catchy choruses.  Just hearing the English words is great “ear massage” and the English pronunciation. And intonation will become embedded in your child’s cognitive awareness.  The aim is to expose your child to the nuances and sounds of the language.  Tunes resound in our heads long after the music is turned off, making song a great medium for language learning.

Purchase musical DVD’s in English.  Choose those which demonstrate the lyrics through actions.  Children as young as 18 months will enjoy watching the colourful scenes while they effortlessly pick up English vocabulary. Search for educational television programmes and DVD’s in English.  These are available on a wide variety of topics.  Choose those which particularly appeal to your child’s taste.  Balance your child’s viewing between آموزش آنلاین زبان انگلیسی and native language programmes.