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Facebook offers more than just connecting people to one another online. Techbeloved also offers a business opportunity for marketers. We all know what Facebook is and how fast it’s growing. Millions of people are using Facebook, which gives a lot of people and businesses an advantage to advertise on the site. Ads are one of the main reasons Facebook is running, because they help cover the costs of maintaining the website. Most people are wondering what Facebook ads cost? Before we can answer that question, you should know what type of advertising is handled on Facebook.

There are many types of ads promoted on Facebook. The many types of ads Facebook has to offer are: page ads, website ads, event ads, sponsored stories, video ads, application ads, polling ads, and a lot more. Most advertisements like video ads are quite expensive. Ads like event ads or sponsored stories aren’t that effective towards drawing users to their advertisements. Pay per click is the most common and effective advertising method done on Facebook. So how much would Facebook ads cost with pay-per-click?

Lets explain a little more how pay-per-click works. Pay per click is an ad place on any website, promoting whichever product or service one is selling. If the ad catches a reader’s attention they will click on the ad and an advertiser’s landing page or website will show up. Pay per click is also popular among many search engines like Google, Ask, Bing, Yahoo, and many more. Pay per click is often based on keyword selection. You need to have the right set of keywords or keyword, on your product, to have a successful campaign.

So how much does Facebook ads cost from pay-per-click? The cost of pay-per-click varies. It really depends on how much you are willing to spend on your ad campaign. The main way to decide the cost of pay-per-click is placing a bid. You have to place a bid on a spot for your ad, because you are not the only person who is advertising out there. Many other advertisers want their ads placed on Facebook as well and demand the same ad spot as you.