The Eye Free Glasses Prescription That Is Right for You

In order to resolve and to correct the different eye problems, most of people will go to the eye doctor or ophthalmologist to have their eyes checked and probably to get the eye Free Glasses prescription to correct their eyesight. Here are the four common types of prescription lenses: Four Types of Prescription Lenses There are four types of refractive lenses that are commonly use to correct refractive eye errors. These eyeglass lenses are apt for the different types of refractive eye errors such as myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism.

* Unifocal prescription lenses- This type of eyeglass lens have one or single focal point. Under this type of prescription lens are the spherical, cylindrical and aspherical prescription lenses. Unifocal prescription lenses may provide solutions for myopia and hyperopia.

* Bifocal prescription lenses- Bifocal eyeglass lenses have two focal points. They usually have another or additional lens that is connect to the one-focal point lens. The basic part is use for looking at long distance, while the other is use for looking at short distance. The one focal point may either sealed or cut from the basic part. This particular prescription lens is commonly recommend for people with presbyopia who also need correction for other refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

* Trifocal prescription lenses- This particular type of eyeglasses has three focal points and has an inserted middle piece for looking at the middle distance. Similar to bifocal prescription lenses, trifocal are also use in restoring clear eyesight for presbyopics.

* Multifocal prescription lenses- This is also refer to as progressive lenses that have a sharp vision in all distances. Presbyopia, which is a condition brought by aging, is commonly correct by multifocal prescription lenses. It also has the ability to correct other eye and vision problems.

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