Multi-purpose tyres can be equipped in compact, saloon and low and medium power MPVs for any type of use (urban or road).

Today, in order to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and meet the demand of car brands, manufacturers market versions with reduced rolling resistance (known as “ecological tyres”). Modern technologies and the materials used allow maintaining an excellent level of safety, especially when braking on wet roads.

In a true technological career, the main manufacturers are trying to put on the market tyres with the AA label, which limit fuel consumption to a minimum, while ensuring a very short braking distance on wet roads. The offer is limited to some specific measures and the most sophisticated technologies continue to cost more.


These tyres are almost competitive. The approvals they receive allow them to be used on the open road. They are aimed at amateur athletes, either for their use of competition (regional rally, for example) or leisure (track days or circuit driving). They are especially interesting for amateurs because it allows them to move from the circuit to the road without changing tyres.


Currently, there are four main categories of 4×4 tyres: high performance, road, mixed and off-road tyres. Some 4×4 tyres have a specific M + S mark that means they can be used in snow conditions (S = snow) or off-road (M = mud).

Developed for fast SUVs, this category of tyres uses the same technologies as high performance passenger car tyres. They are mounted as standard up to 22 inches and have high load capacities. The specifications imposed by luxury vehicles make them comfortable and quiet.


They are the most versatile and are usually labeled as A / T (SUV), they must ensure good traction on soft ground (mud, grass, sand) while being relatively comfortable and quiet. They are intended for recreational or professional use. To this end, new measures have been developed to mount them on SUVs in order to provide them with greater versatility, since they are vehicles designed for the city and the countryside.


They are recognized by the letter C inscribed on its side. This type is the most used car tyres in Lebanon. They have high load rates for commercial vehicles, motorhomes and some heavy minivans, where mass is an important part of the whole. Sometimes, these tyres have thicker side walls to protect them from sidewalk friction in urban use.

Modern trucks are extremely powerful and some tyres have similar characteristics to those of passenger car tyres in terms of handling, comfort, maneuverability and braking.


Tyres that are mounted on trailers and caravans have a specific type.

Its dimensions are engraved on the side wall of the tyre as in any other, and are specified by the manufacturer. When no measurement is indicated, it is the size of the tyre that will give us a clue as to the dimensions of the most appropriate tyre.

It is recommended to prioritize reinforced tyres, which will allow carrying a greater load.