A Course In Miracles

A Course In Miracles, this is what I was desperately searching to find. My best friend, who has been struggling to have a baby for some time now, was my inspiration for investigating a few books on the topic of infertility, to find a miracle pregnancy book for her!

I was able to narrow down my long list of books to read due to the fact that I am passionate about doing practically all things in life as naturally as possible which eliminated a lot of resources that focused on IVF and IUI treatment.

I decided to compile the helpful tips I learnt from my research to give other women the best possible advantage for a natural conception:-

– What Foods You Are Eating Matters. Get tested for food intolerances, because the most common foods linked to infertility are gluten, wheat, alcohol and caffeine.

– Get your hands on Vitamin B because it is one of the most important nutrients for the fertility system. Other top priority vitamins include Selenium, iron and Vitamin E which you should be taking daily.

– Acupuncture can be very helpful to increase fertility by reducing stress, improving blood and nutrient flow to the vital reproductive organs, and balancing hormones. It would be best to find a practitioner who specializes in treating couples for fertility.

– Chinese Herbs are a key factor to reduce the risk of miscarriage. This is because they stimulate the body’s natural healing potential by treating root causes rather symptoms. Liver detox is vital.

– Establish your Reproductive System to prepare the body for conception. Tubal scarring and blockages are a real hindrance to falling pregnant so check this out to make clear space for eggs and sperm.

– See your GP to be tested for your Hormone Levels. Balance comes mostly through supplements which results in gained energy and hormonal body harmony. The holistic approach of body, mind and spirit is very important to bring the body into alignment.

– Popular infertility drug treatments are dangerous and more interested in profit opportunity rather than distribution of goods to combat infertility. The unfortunate truth is that women subject their bodies to unsuccessful and physically dangerous treatments such as IVF and IUI’s with the best of intentions.

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