Funny Underwear

It is hard for some to imagine a necessity like Funny Underwear as a source of fun. In fact, for some, it is the only barrier to fun and often more of a nuisance than anything else is. However, the world has imaginative people who make underwear more than just an item in the closet and take them beyond the mundane to make them fun.

Fun underwear is essentially meant for erotic purposes. They are the kind of things that will make people laugh out loud and then get into bed, preferably with the person wearing the underwear. They are design to be arousingly minimalistic yet tastefully humorous like a smiley covering the crotch with a g-string to hold it in place. Most people will spend a fortune on fun underwear to assure that their desires are fulfill. However, that is not all what fun underwear is meant for. The theory beyond them goes a lot deeper.

Undergarments have come to represent our moral values and people who do not wear them are often see as liberationists. At some level or the other, underwear is a form of sexual repression. Allowing people to hide away their genitals and all the feeling associated with them behind a piece of cloth. It is a way to control sexuality. Thus, with the concept of fun underwear, the aim is to make the private parts of the human body less private and more approachable in the psychological and physical sense. When they are cover in leopard print or with Elvis’ face, the penis and vagina are no longer intimidating. They are just like any other part of the body and sexual partners. And people themselves begin to feel comfortable at their sight.

In this view, fun underwear is sort of an ego-booster. Which tells allows the wearer to be funny with sexual contact. It removes a lot of the pressure surrounding performance and works as a fetish as well. Fun underwear was create to allow people to return to their instinctive sexual state without having to worry about taboo or restriction.