Preparing For the Worship Session With Rise

A life of consecration and spiritual devotion is a major key to a strong and consistent anointing in a Worship Session With Rise and music minister’s life. The place of the word, worship and prayer are vital to be spirit filled and spirit led. A lifestyle of this nature will create a healthy environment for a deeper worship experience each time. Enemies to watch out for are prayerlessness, the works of the flesh (Galatians chapter 5) and anything that diverts your focus from God and a godly disposition to life.


The appropriate equipment and its know-how will bring into physical manifestation the audio quality needed for a well prepared worship service. Professional advice must constantly be sought to upgrade equipment and personnel who manage them. A good sound facility and team will inspire a team to give their best. When equipment are worn out and not replaced we are simply saying God is not worth the effort. No matter the anointing one carries inappropriate facilities will be a hindrance.

A proper sound-check must be run at least a day to the service. It is totally improper, irresponsible and completely disrespectful to be plugging in microphones and other gear when a worship service is in motion. It is even much worse to use the worship session to do a sound check for the special song the choir will minister. Your technical base will make or break your worship service.


Time and personnel management is very crucial to the success of a worship service. When people know what to do and how to do what they should do, it makes the teams work efficient. When a proper time element is placed in a choirs work and people know when something has to be done and with whom they should be doing it, the usual last minute confusion is avoided. Proper planning is a backbone. Planning helps you to see possible problems before they appear and gives you the chance to create a solution way ahead of time if it cannot be avoided. Choir member must imbibe personal planning and leaders of the choir must ensure that every agenda for the choir is properly planned for, to pave the way for implementation, good monitoring and supervision. A lack of planning is a sure sign of ill-preparation and chaos.


First of all it completely essential for every choir member to undergo training before being admitted into any choir and in addition undertake some refresher programs yearly to keep abreast (1st Chronicles chapter 25). This becomes the basis that guarantees sound musical preparation. Because most people are not trained it becomes very difficult for them to respond to preparations that require results at a given time. It is common to see choirs taking 6 to 8 meeting days trying to figure out a song simply because their capacity for the handling of such songs is very low. In view of this most choirs seem silently resolved to doing songs that have no musical value and which will in no way improve them.

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