Two Steps Toward Best Spiritual Movie

Sometimes communication is not based upon just the material things in life, but also, and actually I think more often, upon the Best Spiritual Movie basis for our thinking. If we assume that everyone is supposed to think and process information in the exact same way, spiritually, we are headed for communication problems, and thus operational problems. We will also stunt our own growth. There are however, some simple things to consider when looking at trying to understand and be understood by another human being – actually another spirit being in a human form. Paying attention to these things will improve what comes into our ears and goes out of our mouths! Most of us could use a good dose of that more often than not. I know this from firsthand experience, I must say.

Consideration one – Each person came here to learn something different

If you subscribe to the theory that reincarnation is not possible, then this will be a difficult one to accept. However, if you do accept this as a possibility, then it helps one to understand that each life presents a different set of. If that is true, then not only do we change up our lessons each time we return, but then so does everyone else. So we are not likely here to learn the same lesson at the exact same time. That is what makes cookie cutter religions, schools of thought, and operating methodology faulty. It or they will never fit every person at the same time. They are made for the people that are learning that lesson this lifetime, but that might be one in 10 in a room.

Therefore, it is more important to approach a person with the neutral intent of understanding where your lives intersect, and accept that there will be areas where you don’t, and that is alright. In this manner, you don’t put undue stress on yourself or the other person to learn exactly what you know, or see them as you see them because you understand fully that that is a misnomer, and in fact, impossible. Easing up on this kind of thinking thereby allows a person to hear the person they are talking to with greater flexibility and ability to take in new information. In turn it allows one to respond and communicate with greater flexibility as well, improving the quality of such communications.